The Power Saving Check that has successfully been offered in Germany since 2008 consists of the mediation of knowledge for consumers in low-income households on the conscious dealing with energy in heating, cooking, lighting and the use of electric devices, media and communication means and sensitises them for a higher attention in purchasing according devices in relation with their energy need. This knowledge and skills mediation is done through a free consultation – the Power Saving Check. Due to the change in the consumer’s behaviour and by small investments, the electricity, water and heating energy consumption of those households are relevantly reduced, which is proved.

The consultation is implemented by so-called Power Saving Checkers – unemployed, particularly long-term unemployed persons and unemployed young people – and requires an according qualification. An adequate further education is currently not available in the partner countries.

Therefore, this successful concept shall be transferred to Spain, Hungary, Italy and Romania in the frame of the Strategic Partnership „Power Saving Check“ that is funded from the ERASMUS+ programme. The adaptation and certification of the Curriculum for the training as Power Saving Checker, their training as well as the establishment of local networks shall ensure that already during the project Power Saving Checks are implemented in households of the participating cities.

We are very grateful for the friendly support as well as the approval of the use of documents and material from the Federal Project “Stromspar-Check PLUS” (


The Action “Stromspar-Check PLUS” is a joint action of the “German Caritas Association e.V.” (DCV) and the Federal Association of Energy and Climate Protection Agencies of Germany e.V. (eaD) and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Protection, Construction and Reactor Safety and the National Climate Protection Initiative.

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